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Lisa V. Taitt-Stevenson

8X Published Author


Life Coach

Relationship Coach

Motivational Conversationalist

Podcast Founder & Host

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Have You Ever Heard A Butterfly Cry?

"An inspirational book for many seeking to stop old wounds and transform their lives for the better. The book explores the relationship between behavior, thoughts, and feelings. It shows how healthy thought patterns and a strong faith in God can empower positive change in one's life. A must-read for those who wish to renew themselves!"

Review by P. Casey


Choose you...because you deserve to be chosen

Choosing you and knowing why you are choosing you is important. Oftentimes, we start planning our life’s journey and are not able to complete that plan because we have not defined our “why.” Your “why” will be the fuel behind what you do, how you do it, and if you accomplish what you set out to achieve.

You purchased this book with the intention to choose you, and we are going to ensure that your choice and your why remains consistent starting with a 30-day plan and transitioning to a way of life.

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A-Z All About Me

This is an interactive book of motivation, affirmations, and validations, driven by the alphabet, to remind kids that regardless of the circumstance, challenge or obstacle, there will always be greatness within them.

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About Me

Lisa V. Taitt-Stevenson, a native New Yorker from Bed–Stuy, Brooklyn, made the decision to walk in her God given purpose after over 20 years in Corporate America.  This purpose ultimately would lead her to being a 6X published author, podcast creator and host of Let’s Talk Relationship not Religion, a platform that allows for the exploration of what a relationship with God can look like.  As with any God given purpose, living with intention is important and this has become the foundation of her Life and Relationship Coaching Services.  These principals have paved the way for Lisa to become a Motivational Conversationalist and the development of LWI Publishing services.  These things reflect her God given desire to help people become the best version of themselves.

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Every Monday and Wednesday

Many people feel that the rules and regulations of religion lessen their desire to seek God.

Join Lisa and Tony as they explore the many different aspects of having a relationship with God, beyond the traditions of religion.

Take off the veil of religion and enjoy the full glory of God, through relationship.

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It is what it is... unitl it isn't.

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